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Jobs in London and Professional CV Writing Services

Module #1:Receiving Payment and CV from Customer. 
Module #2:Checking CV and Create Your Personal Career Development Plan.
Module #3:Contacting customer by phone and e-mail: Max 24h from payment date.  
Module #4:According to plan advised by customer start job searching plan.  
Module #4:Contacting Employers Over the phone with client Resume and cover letter.  
Module #5:Sending client Resume to employers it will take up to 2-4 weeks time .  
Module #6:Schedule Interview over the phone or formal Interview by Skype.
Module #7:Schedule at least 3-6 Interviews per week for next 4 weeks.
Module #8:Managing process for your new job vacancy
Module #9:Signing up and understanding your contract of employment, your legal rights and bonus
Module #10: Making Sure that you have a job! 
Plus you get THREE Special Job Search Help Bonuses!

You'll get instant access to the International recruitment data base + direct contact with Global Recruitment companies in London, Dubai, Doha, New York City, Toronto, Sydney, Mumbai, 
Cape Town, Singapore, Tokyo, Oslo, Shanghai, Berlin, Riyadh, Cairo and many more...


Along with your recruiters strategies, there is nothing more essential to your success than the powerful Skype training for helping you pass Interview .

In this riveting training program, Our HR Director spend with you part of an hour detailing exactly how to MASTER your own interview skills, so you can become massively successful in job searching without any internal barriers holding you back.

This is so important that our special team doesn’t want you to wait even one day to make your dream become reality. So, you’ll get instant access to the CV forwarding team Skype, and begin the process of fine-tuning your thinking and mindset immediately.


After you’ve had some time to begin mastering the interview skills and job searching system, you’ll be managing a LinkedIn update. So we will update your LinkedIn profile, we will ask you to connect with executives like CEO of Manpower, HR Directors in major companies in U.K, US, UAE and CANADA!